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Pretty sick, heads up! I dig the intro, and how it gets into the beat. Keep it up!

facing the stars facing the stars

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Cool stuff!

I dig it dude!

Pretty nice ambiental sensation, and the Zelda feeling is there, good job.

I'm planning to make a Zelda cover of Song of Storm this weekend! Yay for Zelda music.

nelecces responds:

Thanks ! I'm reallly curious to see this work !

Stratus - Taxa Stratus - Taxa

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It's a surprise to find such a chill song, and at the same time moving forward. These are the kind of things i love to stumble upon to while moderating the portal.

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Taxa responds:

Thank you good sir. I put a lot of time into it!

~ThePyromaniacalcow~Vegas Rock ~ThePyromaniacalcow~Vegas Rock

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I dig it.

I like the harmonic part of it.. The progression and melodies seem to create a quite enjoyable feeling. I would say keep up with it, cause I like the sound. Did you record the guitars/keys yourself? DId you use an interface?

Now the cons. I seem to lose the feel. You need to make the groove more steady, more riding. Make sure to have all the instruments tight together, because otherwise it will sound like a bunch of tracks put together, instead of a band that complements itself.

I dig the delays and phasers or whatever you used to play with the EQ!

Hot cakes with chesse Hot cakes with chesse

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Good start.

Nice groove with the wobbles, pretty chill track. I would make more unpredictable stuff with it, using silences and weird timings, then use a lower wobble. I like the drumbeat tho, it's kewl. Yoyoyoy BER BER BER WOOP WOPP mehwewewewe.

Reflections &amp;gt;Remaster&amp;lt; Reflections >Remaster<

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One of the best dubs I've heard in NG man, keep it up.

mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks man, glad to hear it's at the top of your list! =)

Saddly Trapped Saddly Trapped

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Hey you

Chocolate cheese with bumblebee bubblegum is all I see in this song yo.

No Name Music... No Name Music...

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Pretty cool.

I must admit I like the song, but it goes to the dramatic part way too soon.. I would make it explode on a much specific place, but that's just me bro. Good music!

&amp;quot;Travel Between Lands&amp;quot; Collab. "Travel Between Lands" Collab.

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You totally nailed it. I loved the orchestral strings, and the job you did with the distorted part, adding drums to it. I was actually looking for somebody to complete this piece, and you did it perfectly. This was just awesome to listen to, now I'm very interested in making more collabs with you. Great job.


XayberOptix responds:

YAY!! I was a bit nervous after I posted this song up as the first vote was a big fat ZERO!! LOL! But if you think it's a perfect 10, I feel relieved. *whew* I would definitely look forward to collaboration with you agian. It was fun!

Poozy v. Fire pt. 1 Poozy v. Fire pt. 1

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Your hitting on a tranny, im sorry.

tehslaphappy responds: